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A powerful anti-aging serum with a velvety texture for tightening and smoothening of wrinkles. Enriched with strong active components such as: retinol, DMAE, vegetable and oceanic polymers, peptides and hyaluronic acid. Has a quick and long term simultaneous action. Affords the skin with moisture and a young, healthy, tight and tightened look.
Active Components:
DMAE – a powerful anti-aging component with clear anti-oxidant qualities. Assists in solidifying and tightening the skin, prevents its sagging, improves elasticity, smoothens wrinkles. Enhances the effect of other anti-oxidants such as: vitamins C & E and lipoic acid.
IDEALiFT – a di-peptide aimed at reducing the impact of gravity on the facial skin. Assists in tightening sagging skin, enhances the elastin synthesis.
Skin Tightener – A combination of vegetable and oceanic polymers, affords a quick tightening effect within about ten minutes. Affords the skin with moisture and a smooth and solid look.
Retinol – a strong anti-aging component, significantly reduces the appearance of wrinkles, smoothens wrinkles and assists in whitening pigmentation spots. Improves the elasticity of the skin and reduces the effect of photo-aging.
Hyaluronic Acid – prevents the skin’s natural loss of moisture by creating a micro-film upon it. Furthermore, molecules of hyaluronic acid penetrate the epidermis, where they capture the water and swell, this causing a reduction in wrinkles and their smoothening. Internal wrinkle filling effect.
Suitable for all types of skin.
Suitable for the mesotherapy cocktail, with personal and professional fitting.

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