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CANNA Natural Treatment
Enriched With Hemp Seed Oil

The cream that works 24 hours a day for you.

A complex of active and unique components contributing to the rejuvenation of your skin. Effective for long hours.
Active components:
DMAE – a powerful anti-aging component assisting in solidifying the skin, leveling and smoothing the deeper wrinkles and protecting the cell wall.
Hemp Seed Oil – the oil is rich in moisture and contains amino-acids and a combination of a complex of vitamins contributing to a healthy and radiant look of the skin while slowing down its aging processes.
Vitamin E – Anti-oxidant, assisting in keeping the skin looking young and healthy, slows down the aging of the skin.
Shea Butter – nurtures and softens the skin, assists in maintaining skin moisture.
Bees’ Wax – provides moisture and a protective layer to the skin.
A unique silicone compound contributing to smoothing the skin and maintaining its moisture.

Suitable for dry \ combination skin

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