Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil Perfection

02/06/2019 by wsadmin

Published by Hemp Cosmetics USA/ Taylor Burk

Pure cold-pressed hemp seed oil is a gift to us from our earth. We are simply the dedicated farmers, messengers, and industry professionals behind the limelight. It is our honest pleasure to introduce botanical, extraordinary wellness products worldwide that are groomed with love and virgin to the United States. Israeli research on cannabis educated the world and we take pride in representing the quality of our homeland in our Premium Wellness Hemp Seed Oil Collection.

Our Cold-Press Process:

We honor harvest of our tall, seedy, fibrous hemp plants within 3 months of the initial growth process. During the sorting phase, we collect the organic, non-gmo hemp seeds and thoroughly wash them to ensure that they do not contain any contaminants or detectable THC constituents. Next, we transfer the cleaned hemp seeds into our cold-pressing equipment, which we have chosen to operate various small units opposed to few large machinery. It is important to us that our machinery does not generate significant heat within the cold pressing process, as too much heat could oxidize the oil and thus sabotage the impeccable reputation it rightfully earns. What is done in love, is done well!


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